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Issue digital financial instruments on the blockchain and launch your own proprietary peer-to-peer exchange markets.

We are building an open source technology framework to support the issuance of diversified financial instruments on the blockchain.

Key features

Business domain focused, highly standardized and reusable technology modules. Serve as the building blocks for creating open financial applications.


Financial instrument states are immutable, discoverable and easily managed. Enabling the collection and analysis of native on-chain financial transactions data.

Open Source

Transparent, auditable and freely accessible. Empowering financial services providers to create their own exchange markets.

Frequently asked questions

The NUTS Platform is a collection of open source technology modules:

  • Financial Instruments Issuance Platform
  • Financial Instruments Template Library
  • Over-the-Counter Market SDK
  • Rights Token Module

The NUTS Platform aims to serve as a plug and play technology solution for Financial Service Providers (FSPs) to easily issue digital financial instruments on the blockchain.

Specifically; digital asset lenders, digital asset exchanges and digital asset OTC brokers have specific use cases for our solutions. 
Discover how developers use the NUTS Platform

The NUTS Platform is designed to support a vast diversity of financial instruments characterized by the following attributes:

  • Exchange frequency of instrument is non-latency sensitive
  • Instruments possess a natural status lifecycle (delinquent, defaulted, liquidated, etc.)  
  • Instrument traded in a peer-to-peer, off-exchange and non-atomic format

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